In the past few hours some first ones had circulated on the net screenshot concerning the map of Pokémon Legends: Arceus which (as visible below) present the game areas divided into multiple open maps, and which therefore demonstrate that the title in development at Game Freak will not be a real open world.

The news was later confirmed by The Pokémon Company itself a Kotaku, in a statement that you find below:

“In Pokémon Legends: Arceus, Jubilife Village will serve as the base for surveying missions. After receiving an assignment or a request and preparing for their next excursion, players will set out from the village to study one of the various open areas of the Hisui region. After they finish the survey work, players will need to return once more to prepare for their next task. We look forward to sharing more information about exploring the Hisui region soon. "

The game structure will therefore be similar to that of a Monster Hunter, with uploads that will take the player to open areas to explore where to complete active missions. Once the quest is finished, however, we will be transported to a hub again, and the map will therefore not be completely free immediately in the Hyrule style of Breath of the Wild.