Elden Ring From Software MiyazakiElden Ring received his first official rating in South Korea and the result will undoubtedly satisfy those expecting a title of a certain maturity. The game was in fact rated as "Forbidden to minors under 18".

The rating essentially corresponds to "Mature" US and al PEGI 18 of the European market, confirming that Elden Ring will in effect be a product aimed at an adult audience. This should further reassure those who expect a work in line with the tones and narrative of the Dark Souls series, of which it proposes itself as a spiritual heir.

In recent days Bandai Namco had stated of aim to expand its catchment area thanks to Elden Ring, a title designed to appeal to a large fanbase. This had alarmed the aficionados of the Soulslike products produced by From Software a little, instilling the fear that the title created in collaboration with George RR Martin it would have drifted a little too far mainstream for lovers of the works of Hidetaka Miyazaki.

The fact that the game has received such a rating in Korea should however extinguish the concerns of the players in the bud, than the next January 21 2022 they will find in their hands a title fully in line with the dark fantasy spirit of the series Souls.