DOTA 2 InternationalChange of program forInternational of DOTA 2 and waiver to the public in attendance due to an increase in COVID-19 cases at the designated location.

The prestigious tournament, the richest in the world esports scene, should have been held in Bucharest, capital of Romania, 7 from October to 17. Valve had put the tickets on sale in anticipation of a large turnout of the public, but due to the complication of the situation it was forced to remove them from availability after just 12 days from the opening of the presales and to refund the spectators.

This is just the latest unfortunate situation that hit DOTA 2 International in 2021: Valve had already postponed the event to a date to be set last April and had then planned an edition to be held in Sweden, an option that was later lapsed when the Scandinavian country did not consider the tournament a "Elite sporting event".

In July, the choice of Bucharest as the official headquarters was made, but a sudden increase in infections, as mentioned, again forced Valve to upset its plans. The software house announced that the tournament will still take place regularly on the fixed dates, but without a live audience.