New World AmazonIt has been a long way, but in the end N he did it: the Amazon Games MMORPG finally reaches day one without further postponements, as also remarked by theofficial Twitter account of the game.

"No more alpha, no more beta, no more character deletion, it's time to make your mark on Aeternum permanently !!"

New World comes to release with the impressive endowment of about 170 servers distributed among the various continents which, except for the usual login queues, will host players from all over the world. As already predictable after the last phase of the open beta, Amazon Games has decided to reserve some of the servers for users who prefer their mother tongue: the Italian to which the Jotunheim server has been reserved is no exception, which will be the preferred destination for those who wish to communicate with other players in our language.

New World seems to have already attracted significantly the attention of users, with long queues to access servers already in the early hours of the morning. Physiological expectations apart, the day one of the game that marks the definitive arrival of Amazon in the world of gaming (ignoring the very brief and disastrous experience of Crucible) is proceeding smoothly, except for a temporary stability problem of some European servers that required a very short maintenance for its resolution.