A closed technical rehearsal of Halo Infinite multiplayer was held this weekend. Some users who had requested access through Halo Waypoint were selected and were thus able to preview the new 343 Industries shooter but the problems, of course, were not lacking.

This is not too surprising given that, in fact, it is still a product that is not completely finished and some corrections and changes have been introduced following the feedback of the players of the first test. What we are talking about today is a pretty funny bug that is taking off on Reddit and Twitter. If you throw a grenade at a sign on the wet floor, they will come generated others, in an anthology of infinite signs that will flood the screen.

Be careful not to slip! A new test session of the title will be available next weekend, we hope to see more hilarious bugs. Or maybe not, as Halo Infinite launches on Xbox and PC on December 8, 2021.