In the last few days, the community around Respawn Entertainment is back to talk about Titanfall. After the protests resulted in hacker attacks on Apex servers, the recent declarations of Community Cooperator of the software house have led to an even more aggressive response from the community.

“Don't hope too much. I said it earlier. We have nothing planned for Titanfall. There is nothing. At the moment we have too many open projects. "

The situation has rightly led to coverage by the various newspapers and influencers who hang out within the gaming landscape, with a reading that saw Respawn Entertainment not interested in developing a Titanfall 3. This media reaction led the software house to break the silence and to remedy to the small communication error.

“Contrary to what some people claim, Titanfall is the core of our DNA. Who knows what will happen in the future ... "

Yet history has taught us not only that Titanfall 1 and 2 did not exceed EA's expectations, but also that - in the words of Electronic Arts CFO Blake Jorgensen - a return of Respawn to the Titanfall universe is unlikely.

"We would like to keep the team super focused on Apex Legends as we think there are still tons of opportunities within it, so I can't tell you for sure if or when Titanfall 3 will arrive."

But who knows, the history of the medium has also accustomed us to unexpected returns, not least the return of Dead Space in the form of Remake, Then never say never.