Let's go back to the Apple vs Epic Games case. After the verdict pronounced by the judge on the affair and that he sees Apple wins out of 9 out of 10 counts, we begin to see the first repercussions for the company of Tim Sweeney and their goose that lays golden eggs Fortnite.

In fact, yesterday, the CEO of Epic received an email in which Apple stated that they would not have allowed Fortnite back until the end of the legal dispute, not only due to Epic's previous transgressions to the various contracts with the Cupertino company, but also in the face of Sweeney's provocative statements. Also, given the current situation of the lawsuit that sees Epic appeal for an appeal on the ruling, Fortnite may not see the light on iOS and macOS again for a period of time that could come to 5 years.

Later, Sweeney posted a new post on Twitter to express his frustration about what happened.

“Apple lied. Apple spent a year telling the world, the court and the press that they would accept Epic's return to the App Store if we agreed to play by their own rules. We did not and now Apple has denied all this to abuse its monopoly once again towards a billion users. "