The Jrpg Persona series turns 25 and, for the occasion, Atlus presents the first initiatives for the celebrations.

As already announced by SEGA, they will be there seven mysterious projects linked to this milestone reached by the Persona spin-off saga. The first project, from the name Persona 25th Times Vol.1, has just been unveiled, and will consist of:

  • Mini live show from Tokyo Game Show called “Sega Atlus Channel”;
  • Symphonic concert to celebrate 25 years at the Tokyo Opera City Concert Hall set for November 21;
  • Arrival of the dedicated merchandise;
  • discounts on the titles of the saga on the various digital stores;
  • Anime series available in streaming, but currently only in Japan.

For the second mysterious project we will have to wait until next December, hoping to see something tastier for us Westerners.