A little more than a year after the start of the case Epic Games vs Apple, the debate that saw the software house of Tim Sweeney go against the giant of Cupertino and his developer tax present in the App Store, the California Court issued the first sentence.

Of the ten charges brought forward by Epic Games, the judge Yvonne Gonzalez Rogers has come out in favor of the latter on a single argument relating to i alternative payments outside the App Store. For this reason, starting from December 9 2021 developers will be able to advertise their external payment methods, without Apple getting a percentage of the earnings.

At the same time, Epic came out of the legal diatribe with one defeat on all fronts and will be forced to pay compensation equal to 30% of the earnings obtained through their instant payment system, as found guilty for having breached the terms and conditions of use of the digital store.

Meanwhile, via his Twitter account, Epic CEO Tim Sweeney has announced that he has presented a request for appeal to the California Courthouse, renewing his interest in the rights of developers and consumers.