That Genshin impact it was literally a car churning out millions for myHoYo was fairly well known, but in the last week the game's takings have skyrocketed, recording a frightening increase in 387%.

The title in the first week of September received patch 2.1, which among the many innovations introduced new characters in the gatcha such as Raiden shogun ed Aloy of Horizon Zero Dawn, making app purchases splash in hyperuranium, which the Chinese company collected 151 million dollars in the first week of the month alone. 

By doing a quick calculation on the data of Tower Sensor it is impressive to see that the app's revenue (only by calculating mobile users, therefore iOS and Android) was around 21.6 million dollars a day, a truly exorbitant figure that if it continues on this trend, will make September 2021 the most profitable month ever for the title.