From Italy many negative reviews and refunds for Baldo: The Guardian Owls, but in reality few have played it.

Just yesterday we talked to you about how abusable the Steam refund system and, just a day later, a very special situation arose. Many Italian gamers have harshly criticized the new work of NAPS Team leaving many bad reviews on Steam and making a large number of refund requests. It was precisely to reveal it Fabio Capone, developer at the aforementioned Italian team who, via social media, writes with bitterness:

I want to share this one, just to clarify things. Do you know how many copies of Baldo there are on Steam from Italy? 70, I say SEVENTY! and half asked for a refund, which is also half of all refunds that have taken place in the WORLD so far! "

If half of the Italian gamers have requested a refund at the moment, it means that at the moment the copies played on Steam are only 35. It really makes us think that half of all refunds come from Italy alone. Are Italian players too critical, or do they take advantage of a flawed system to not spend on what should be their passion?

Is it finally time to make the refund system on the PC platform less abusable?