Lost Ark Amazon GamesAfter a long silence, Amazon Games has returned to publish one official communication on the western version of Lost Ark, unfortunately with bad news.

In a post that appeared on Twitter it was indeed confirmed that the release of the famous Korean MMORPG on the European and North American market has been postponed to the first months of 2022.

The hypothesis was initially taken into consideration by users after the news of the postponement of New World at the end of September, which had significantly brought the release date of the other Amazon Games MMORPG closer to that of the title developed by Smilegate RPG, initially scheduled for autumn 2021. The Lost Ark team had promptly stated that plans would not change in light of that event, but it is difficult to categorically rule out that the change of plans for New World did not somehow affect the postponement of the Korean MMORPG.

Officially, as stated in the communication, this is done to launch the game in the highest possible quality, which became problematic as the team would have realized that processing requires more time. Hence the decision to postpone everything to the beginning of 2022.

The players, however, will not be left with a dry mouth as the team took the opportunity to formalize the dates of the Closed Beta, which will be held from 4 to 9 November. Interested users will be able to request an invitation to access it and hope to be selected, while those who already have a Founder's Pack will be guaranteed their participation.

In closing, Amazon Games wanted to emphasize that it is aware that it has interacted very little with the community in recent months, an attitude destined to change with the promise of more frequent communications and continuous updates in the months to come, when the game's official Discord and forums will open and support for content creators interested in covering Lost Ark on their channels will begin.