Since its announcement at last EA Play Live, fans of Dead Space have been anxiously awaiting the arrival of new details related to the remake developed by EA Motivate and scheduled for 2023 on PS5, Xbox Series X e PC. Well, during the first dev diary published on Gamespot, it was possible to take a quick first look at the game. However it is good to remind you how the title is still in the process of pre-production, with EA Motive starting the actual work just under a year ago.

As previously mentioned by EA Motive, Dead Space Remake aims to recreate the aesthetics, gameplay and above all the atmosphere and the sci-fi horror story of the original game, going at the same time to improve it both graphically and pad in hand. Precisely for this reason, one of the biggest challenges for the team during its development was the balance between the foundations of the game and the expected improvements.

A new mechanic related to the limbs of the gods was shown Necromorphs, that is to how impact with Isaac's weapons may damage or change appearance of the monsters that haunt the USG Ishimura. For this, there will be weapons capable of breaking and disassembling the limbs, others will stand out in the removal of the skin.

Finally, in addition to confirming the total absence of microtransactions, the developers showed short images dedicated to the Zero-G Therapy Room. Unlike the original, Dead Space Remake will adopt a zero gravity navigation system similar to the second installment of the series, guaranteeing 360 ° freedom of movement, as well as offering new challenges e itineraries.