Let's go talk about Pokémon Shining Diamond & Shining Pearl. The new remakes set in the Sinnoh region coming out next November 19, 2021 on Nintendo Switch they showed themselves through a new trailer on the occasion of Pokémon Presents, further expanding on some mechanics introduced in the original game on Nintendo DS.

After a brief overview of the features already presented above, the trailer moves to the city of Hearthome City, the place where the building dedicated to Pokémon competitions, which this time take the form of a Taiko no Tatsujin-like rhythm game. Obviously, one cannot fail to mention races without mentioning the stamps for the poké balls, the stickers able to give particular effects to the spheres and which were for the occasion reworked and improved.

Through the use ofExplorekit, players will be able to enter the Great Underground, a place where it will be possible to explore (solo and online) the deepest meanders of the Sinnoh region, to discover hidden treasures, places to settle and create your own Secret base and in search of Pokémon Shelters, secret havens where it will be possible to catch rare Pokémon more easily.