People Can Fly, the developer behind the shooter Outriders released last April on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, PC and Xbox, it may not be on good terms with its publisher Square Enix. The reasons? Failure to pay royalties.

OutridersThrough a note to its investors published on the official website, the Polish software house has in fact notified its shareholders of not knowing how many copies the game has sold and especially whether the game has met Square's expectations. In all this, the team continues to await the arrival of the payment by the latter, which should have taken place by August 16, 2021.

Here is the executive's comment Sebastian Wojciechowski about what happened:

“Working with publishers has several advantages, but also disadvantages. One of these is People Can Fly's little influence on sales policies or, in this case, the lack of data provided by the publisher itself. "

Certainly, one more reason to switch to self-publishing, main goal for the future of People Can Fly.