SplitgateThe incredible success achieved byOpen Beta di Splitgate he also forced 1047 Games to postpone the release until August to better prepare for the official launch. The competitive FPS Arena which has already been defined as "A fusion of Halo and Portal" has in fact attracted the eyes of many players, with peaks of over 50.000 users on Steam and around 100.000 on all platforms, such an unexpected success that it has led many to literally queue to play.

The queues to access Splitgate turned out to be literally oceanic, with waits even reached 90 minutes just to set foot on servers. Many have asked the software house to increase its capacity, but the server engineer Olly Freeman explained on Twitter that the matter is not that simple.

"The speed of growth of our playerbase is greater than that with which we can increase the capacity of the servers" Freeman explains, "We are working on a long-term solution to greatly increase it, beyond 100.000 contemporary players, but it takes time."

In the meantime, 1047 Games continues to provide regular updates on the status of Splitgate's servers and expected wait times on Discord and Twitter. The game, server permitting, will be officially released on an unspecified date in August on PC, Xbox and Playstation.