Halo Infinite Battle Royale 343 IndustriesSome spoilers about the campaign of Halo Infinite unintentionally leaked from the current technical Beta of the game. This was confirmed 343 Industries same for voice of Joseph Staten su Twitter, which urged users to pay attention and not to disclose such spoilers.

“Hey folks, watch out: we have unintentionally included a small number of Halo Infinite campaign-related files within the Technical Beta build. Unfortunately these files contain spoilers. "

“Leaks like these are painful for the development team and can ruin the campaign experience for everyone. So please keep your eyes peeled for spoilers and don't disclose them in case you ever see them ”.

Some of the unintentionally anticipated details obviously started circulating online and Brian Jarrard advised community members not to post spoiler content in order to avoid reports.

It should be remembered that the Halo Infinite Technical Beta has been going on for several hours now and it is exclusively dedicated to the multiplayer sector of the title.