Let's go talk about PlayStation 5. As many of you know, the new console of Sony entered the market by mounting a 825GB Proprietary SSD dedicated to the launch of all its titles. Sure, it is possible to expand the available space by using a USB Hard Drive external, but this expansion mode does not allow the launch of Next-Gen titles and for many months it was the most requested feature by fans.

Well, it seems that Sony has started to take its first steps towards supporting different types of non-proprietary SSDs.

PlayStation 5In fact, in the last few hours Sony has started the distribution (only for members of its System Software Beta Program) of a new update capable of unlocking support for the single NVMe expansion slot present inside the console and previously inactive. In this way, users will finally be able to open the console and install a new one SSD M.2 to further increase the storage space.

But be careful, users who want to carry out this procedure will have to respect the guidelines proposed by Sony, which recommends the use of an SSD that does not exceed the following dimensions: 110mm (L) x 25mm (W) x 11.25mm (H) and has a minimum transfer rate of 5,500MB / S.

Meanwhile, Seagate announced the arrival of its first M.2 SSD for PS5: FireCuda 530, coming in 4 models: 500GB ($ 169.99), 1TB ($ 274.99), 2TB ($ 569.99) and 4TB ($ 1049.99).