Coinciding with the upcoming EA Play, Electronic Arts partners with Twitch and Amazon to offer subscribers to Prime gaming real gift bombs. First of all, the possibility of obtaining a free code of Battlefield 1.

“Battlefield ™ 1 takes you back to World War I, when new technologies and the spread of conflict changed war forever. Fight every battle, control enormous vehicles and carry out maneuvers that can turn the tide of the fight. The whole world is on the pitch. Find out what's beyond the trenches. "

Getting this gift is very simple. After connecting your Twitch account and Amazon Prime, go to the page dedicated to the offer I awarded her Redeem.

The offer will remain active by August 2 2021, but don't panic. In case you fail to redeem Battlefield 1 in time, you can always console yourself with the free copy of Battlefield V, which will be made redeemable for free by the next August 4 2021.