Activision Blizzard is still in the eye of the storm, this time for serious allegations of mistreatment and abuse of female workers.

The American software house that gave birth to World of Warcraft and many other now historic titles, is at the center of serious episodes of mistreatment and abuse. The company was sued for episodes of machismo towards some colleagues. These, in addition to having lower wages and fewer opportunities for growth in the company, would have been mistreated in several ways.

The complaint describes how, during working hours, many men spend time playing video games between jokes of a sexual nature, referring lightly to rape, relegating their duties to colleagues. The treatment reserved for those who have to look after their children is also mentioned: these women are not only criticized, but also excluded from company meetings.

The worst episode, however, concerns the suicide of an employee. During a business trip she would have been subject to sexual abuse and harassment accompanied by the disclosure of personal material on colleagues' phones. After suffering such abuse, the woman would have decided to take her own life.

At the moment Activision Blizzard has decided to activate an internal investigation to shed light on the facts, even if it defines the accusations in good part distorted.

We hope justice is done and Blizzard takes the right action.