Neill BlomkampNeill Blomkamp, director of Elysium and District 9, has started a collaboration as "Chief Visionary Officer" us Gunzilla Games. This is a long-term agreement that will allow the South African director to leave his mark on the next project of the independent software house.

Talking with IGN, Blomkamp explained that the title in the works will have narrative elements and its abilities of director will be exploited to improve the design, the audio sector and the storytelling.

"The difference with directing a film is that you don't have to behave like a single point guiding the entire creative team" Blomkamp said, “But you have to make sure you are really integrated into a team. I can also present myself with a definitive point of view, but this has to work on two levels. It needs to be accepted by a larger team as the right creative direction to take. And it must also be, first and foremost, something that can integrate with the gameplay architecture so that the whole game benefits from it "

The director will collaborate in this project going to refine, as mentioned, the narrative sector of the work, in a way that Blomkamp himself defined very similar to the work done by George RR Martin for the realization of Elden Ring together with From Software.

"Video games will be what cinema was in the twentieth century" said the director, “They will be the dominant form of cultural entertainment and I want to be there. Mixing my stories with visual effects and an interest in 3D graphics means I want to establish a video game making headquarters for a long time. So if the game is successful and everything works, hopefully, I will stay in Gunzilla for a long time ”.