The Persona series is preparing to celebrate its first 25 years and, for the occasion, Atlus inaugurates a new site full of announcements to be revealed.

The spin-off saga born from the Shin Megami Tensei brand will celebrate its 25th anniversary in September, and certainly there will be surprises related to the event. Atlus has in fact prepared a new site with a lot of seven projects hidden by a "coming soon", which will be unveiled from next September until autumn 2022. The present of 6 person among the ads blacked out, as a reissue of Persona 3 on the new consoles is desirable. Obviously, the merchandise dedicated to the celebrations, which can be pre-ordered from the online shop of Atlus, strictly in Japanese.

Atlus is determined to push its series further thanks to the enormous success obtained by Persona 5 also on western soil. This has in fact already led to the enormous success of the Steam edition of Person 4: Golden, and certainly generated a good slice of the public ready to throw themselves into other chapters of the brand.

We just have to wait for this September to discover the news related to Persona.