Released last June 10, 2021, the reissue for PS5 Final Fantasy VII Intergrade Remake has introduced several visual improvements and a new extra chapter "Intermission" who finally introduced the village ninja Wutai Yuffie within the new narrative dedicated to the most famous home universe Square Enix, bringing with it a new mechanic related to combo to be performed in synergy with the party members.

And this was precisely one of the focuses of the interview given to The Washington Post by Naoki Hamaguchi e Motomu Toriyama, the two directors of the project. During the chat, the two reiterated how this new dynamic full of flashy combos will influence the development of the combat system of the next chapter currently in development.

Hamaguchi: “With Intermission, we introduced another element: combo moves where Yuffie and Sonon help each other… creating a new feeling when it comes to strategy in battle. I would like to exploit this, and other elements experienced in Intermission, in our next story. "

Toriyama: “The world of Final Fantasy VII has been vastly expanded through multiple works following the release of the original game (Advent Children, Dirge of Cerberus, Crisis Core etc.). We would like this to be the culmination of all Final Fantasy VII-related work created up to this point. There are characters that I still don't know, but this also applies to Cloud and company. "