It seems to be back in Years' 70, with an Atari in full creative explosion. In addition to the announcement and the exit of the console / computer Atari VCS and licensing of your own name for the creation of new hotels in Las Vegas, the Made in USA company is ready to retrace its steps in all respects, abandoning the Free-to-Play games market for smartphones and tablets.

The report comes from the newspaper, with the company that has reworked the management strategy of its two divisions: Atari Gaming e Atari Blockchain. If in the case of the latter, Blockchain will take care of the development of its assets in cryptocurrency, Atari Gaming will be 100% dedicated to the development of PC and Console titles of nature Premium.

Here are the words of CEO Wade J. Rosen on the matter:

“Our intention with the gaming experience is to offer joyful and accessible meaningful gameplay moments. That's the core of Atari and what binds our history to our future. As such, we think Premium Gaming best represents this kind of experience and Atari DNA. "