In the last few hours, EA's battle royale Apex Legends remained completely unplayable due to a hacker attack which has plagued the game's playlists across all platforms (PC, PlayStation, Xbox, and Switch). The culprit of this vandalism? A real protest movement dedicated to Titanfall.

The purpose of the hacker attack was very clear and transparent: replace all available playlists with a named mode Visiting the site, you are greeted by a real protest poster, which accuses Respawn and EA of having ignored for years the various complaints of the Titanfall community, players of a title torn apart by exploits, cheaters and DDOS attacks. Contrary to popular belief, however, the site distanced itself from the hacker attack, shifting the blame to external people who took the cause to heart.

At the moment, Respawn has managed to buffer the problem, making the game stable and playable again. But will they be able to do something for the older brother of their latest creation? According to the words of the Director of Communication Ryan K. Rigney however, the situation would entail an important and frustrating time-consuming, which should go to tease exploits that show no sign of increasing.