Su Team Fortress 2 one was published patch which has curbed the ever-growing bot epidemic within the game Valve.

The game receives roughly one mini-update per month, but it hasn't been seen to change for more than three months. This week, however, Team Fortress 2 was updated with the goal of stopping the bots that made matchmaking hell. Rounds were flooded with cheater bots, notoriously difficult to remove from servers.

According to users, these changes appear to be working. While the update had the unfortunate side effect of banning several mods from servers, one redditor noted that this also meant that it basically broke bot creation tools like "cathook". Overall, the response to the TF2 subreddit update has been overwhelmingly positive. As always, there is not much to call for victory as bot creators may soon find new systems. For now, at least the players have some breathing room.