Netflix e SEGA I'm working on a series dedicated to the iconic blue porcupine, entitled Sonic prime. It will be published in the course of 2022 and not much is known yet. Today, however, thanks to some concept art, we can take a look at the style used.

The images in question were on the ArtStation portfolio by Patrick Horan, an artist working on the series. They were quickly removed but it was too late. The images were shared elsewhere, especially on Twitter, as you can see below. Being concept art they can be very different from the final product but it must still be said that the style is not bad at all.

As seen in the second image, it is also possible to assume that Sonic and Tails do not know each other, maybe it could be a story about the origin of their friendship. However, it seems that Dr. Eggman is always there doing evil things, but accompanied by someone who looks a lot like him. Maybe he won't work alone for once.

We look forward to further information on Sonic Prime which, we recall, is out in the course of 2022 on Netflix.