This week, theEpic Games Store is ready to welcome its users with a good dose of speed. Let's see in detail the new free games: Horizon Chase Turbo e Sonic Mania.

Horizon Chase Turbo

"Horizon Chase Turbo offers a split-screen multiplayer mode that invites the nostalgia of playing all night with friends sitting on the couch. The game is inspired by the past without renouncing the contemporary. Aesthetics built with obvious polygons and secondary colors create a unique atmosphere. The soundtrack is by Barry Leitch, the legendary composer of the soundtracks of Lotus Turbo Challenge, Top Gear (SNES) and Rush, some of the classics of arcade racing games. "

Sonic Mania

"An apotheosis of past and future. A completely new adventure filled with exclusive bosses, 2D landscapes accompanied by a classic and fun gameplay style. Sonic Mania brings fast-paced retro platforming to the present day with perfect 2D pixel graphics at 60FPS."

As always, the offer will remain active for the next 7 days, until July 1 2021. And I recommend: hurry up!