Final Fantasy IX will be adapted in the form of an animated series aimed at a very young audience. What should we expect?

The latest chapter of the PlayStation era saga is back on everyone's lips thanks to a truly unique piece of news. Final Fantasy IX will become an animated series thanks to the French company Cyber ​​Group Studios. The cartoon (yes, it will not be a Japanese anime) will be intended for an audience between 8 and 13 years, and will expand the game world thanks to new adventures and new characters created specifically.

The announcement is followed by the first statement from Cyber ​​Group Studios:

“Games have a strong potential for co-viewing. For those who are familiar with Final Fantasy IX, this will be a presentation. For the many people who don't know him, this will allow them to immerse themselves in a universe they will love ».

The series, which will be distributed worldwide, will go into production within late 2021 / early 2022, so it may be a long time before we see Zidane, Vivi and Garnet on our screens.

What do you expect from this animated adaptation? Logically, it is likely that the project will not cover the plot of the game (in many ways unsuitable for the target audience) but that it will give life to a new story inserted in the universe of Final Fantasy IX.