Despite in the last Nintendo Direct dedicated toE3 2021 the Japanese company has bombarded its users on the latest updates related to franchises such as The Legend of Zelda, Metroid, Advance Wars, WarioWare e Shin Megami Tensei V, many fans were dumbfounded by the absence of new information related to a particular title coming to Nintendo Switch: Bayonetta 3.

Since its announcement back in 2017, Platinum Games has remained silent for more than four years on the progress related to the development of the latest chapter of the hack and slash series, with all due respect to the most avid fans who - by dint of speculations that predicted the abandonment of the project - ended up infuriating Hideki Kamiya on Twitter.

"I understand why people write 'hurry up to release new info' or 'show us something new', but other messages like 'they have stopped development' or 'I guess it's been postponed' are nothing but garbage."

To calm the mind, he thought about it Bill Trinen by Nintendo of America which, in a recent video interview with GameSpot, confirmed that “The game exists and its development is progressing well”.

“We would like to show it to you when we are ready to do it, and we will certainly show it to you when the developers are ready too. Stay tuned."