Abandoned Hideo Kojima Silent Hill SirenOver the last few days, a real hunt for the clue against Abandoned, an indie game presented for PS5 with a very first trailer a few months ago. Right from the start there were speculations as to whether it could be of the new project by Hideo Kojima in disguise, an eventuality however categorically denied from the outset by Blue Box Game Studios means a communication on its official website.

The situation has consequently calmed down until the last few days, when the software house has begun to intensify its communications, especially on Twitter, as a function of an imminent gameplay reveal: while continuing to deny connections with the Japanese author, the mystery has gradually deepened thanks to some elements that have raised more than a doubt among users.

The first of all was the announcement communicating that Abandoned was just the working title and that the final one would start for S and finish for L. A reference far too cheeky not to attract everyone's attention, although Blue Box Game Studios was quick to say that the reference was not to Silent hill.

“We want to make things clear. We have no connection with Konami. Silent Hill is owned by Konami. We have no connection with Hideo Kojima. It was never our intention to allude to the name of Silent Hill. We sincerely apologize for this ”.

Needless to say, yet another distancing has not appeased the speculations, with players even glimpsed an image of Sam Porter Bridges in the gun reflection shown in the Abandoned trailer, in addition to noting a similarity between the logo of the software house and the Playstation Studios, thus assuming that Blue Box is actually a way to indicate the Sony console (whose reference color, for some time, has been blue).

On the other hand, however, the skeptics have noticed other elements that would go against this hypothesis, above all the opening of the official channels on Youtube e Twitter of the study (which took place in 2015) and the publication of a game on Steam in early access at the end of 2020, entitled The Haunting: Blood Water Curse.

The game looks to all intents and purposes a small indie game in the early stages of its development, but even here some elements appear rather suspicious. After a few months from the early access launch, in fact, the game first switched from first person to third person view, then it was mysteriously given over to another studio (the unknown CREATEQ Interactive) and finally temporarily suspended the sale on the store at the end of April, waiting for a new gameplay reveal. Also in this case it has continued to be emphasized how Blue Box Game Studios was a really existing team and not a marketing operation by Hideo Kojima, with confirmations also arrived through direct responses by one of the developers of Blue Box. Whose name on Steam is, however, just happened, Sneaky Warriorr.

While passing over a nickname that he clearly remembers Solid Snake, also the previous work of the firm, The Haunting: Blood Water Curse it seems to hide some veiled references, albeit not to Silent Hill. The game in fact, with a gameplay that winks at the Project Zero series, has a title very similar to that of another survival horror (plus with stealth elements, of which Kojima is a master, and owned by Sony), or Siren: Blood Curse.

About what it really is Abandoned therefore, mystery still reigns, fueled by some elements that are all too suspicious. In the event that, ultimately, this does not really turn out to be a commercial operation directed by Hideo Kojima, we will have to ask ourselves how the public will react to an extremely risky communication strategy. Starting with choosing BB Game Studios as the username for your Twitter profile.