Xbox Bethesda Pete HinesIn the last few hours he is holding the intervention of Pete Hines during the Play for All by Gamespot. Bethesda's senior vice president of global marketing had addressed the theme of exclusivity on Xbox of the next games produced by the software house, after the acquisition by Microsoft a few months ago, he said to himself sorry for PS5 users who won't see these titles coming.

Many have interpreted these words almost as a justification from Pete Hines that Bethesda will start releasing its productions exclusively on Xbox, but the manager of the software house was keen to point out that It is not so:

“I'm not apologizing for the exclusivity. I don't "have" to do anything. Some of our fans are upset / angry and I'm sorry they are. This is not wrong or weird. It is realizing how they feel. That's all. That's all I wanted to say ”.

During the Xbox E3 conference, Bethesda attended with Starfield and with redfall, the latter developed by Arkane. Both of these new IPs will be released exclusively on the Microsoft platform and similar fate could have other series like Fallout e The Elder Scrolls, an event that has generated discontent among Playstation users.