Elden Ring stars in an interesting interview with director Hidetaka Miyazaki. Many details emerge on the work.

Interviewed by Famitsu, Hidetaka Miyazaki has had the opportunity to strip the expected Elden Ring from that aura of mystery. First of all, the game will be the largest ever made by the Japanese studio and, as expected, it will be a true open world. The map, called Lands Between, will be divided into 6 macro areas each of which governed by a pseudo-deity and characterized by a main dungeon. It will not be necessary to tackle the zones in a specific order, so the player will have total freedom of exploration. Despite this, it will not be possible to go everywhere at the beginning of the game. Also present this time a central hub, as per the Soulsian tradition.

Elden Ring

According to the creative, the duration of the adventure should be around thirty hours of gameplay if approached without paying much attention to optional contents. Also this time different endings are expected, so the adventure will be lived over and over again to grasp every facet of the plot.

After Sekiro is ready to return there character personalization, as well as the techniques related to the individual types of weapons. The combat system will also be linked to the equipment of Spirits, which will affect various aspects such as attack and defense.

Furthermore, according to the same director, the title should not undergo further postponements. Do we believe it?