Our coverage of the Ubisoft Forward continues, the showcase dedicated to the new announcements of the French-Canadian company. During the event a new trailer was made available for Riders republic, the new multiplayer title developed by Ubisoft annecy.

The main modes of the game were presented in the trailer. Leaving from the central hub, Riders Republic players will have to manage their alter ego's career, tackling various events based on the most extreme sports around: from skateboarding up to snowboarding, from downhill biking up to jetpack races.

All seasoned with some layers of irony, such as the ability to customize your vehicle to make it anything but a conventional racing vehicle, such as a ice cream cart or one cariola.

Finally, the release date of Riders Republic has been confirmed, set for the next one 2 September 2021 su PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox e Google Stadia.