Axiom Verge 2 was recently shown inside the Game Summer Fest. It presents some differences with the first chapter, for example the character this time fights mainly with melee weapons, also taking advantage of a hacking ability, rather than with the gun of the first chapter, published in 2015. The creator Thomas Happ recently announced the postponement but a new video also suggests that development is nearing completion.

Happ is also building Axiom Verge 2 in a very unusual way for a metroidvania. In fact, players can skip boss fights if they find them too difficult. Here are his words:

“I've talked to a lot of people who enjoyed exploring the world of Axiom Verge, only to get stuck in a boss they couldn't get past. And that ended the gaming experience for them. For the players out there who enjoy a good boss fight, you will be rewarded for your efforts. But if you prefer to run in front of them and keep exploring, this is also a completely valid way to experience Axiom Verge 2. "

Happ talked about the game in a post on the PlayStation blog, explaining that it also has expanded the difficulty options. Instead of choosing between easy / normal / hard, you can independently adjust how much damage is dealt to enemies and how much damage is taken.