New Nintendo Switch Pro, this is the current name of the revision of the Nintendo hybrid console, appears on Amazon Mexico. Upcoming announcement?

It has been talked about for at least a year, but the Kyoto House has never wanted to unbutton too much about the possibility of seeing an enhanced version of the Nintendo Switch on the shelves. Now however the rumors wanting an announcement pre E3, complete with the presentation of dedicated games during the conference, are becoming more and more insistent. The last one arrives in the morning, with the addition of New Nintendo Switch Pro to Amazon Mexico product catalog. The product page, promptly removed and renamed with a totally generic name, was however saved by some users:

Obviously the card does not contain information, being only the classic pre-announcement placeholder, and it is not however a proof of the existence of this console. The clues, however, are more and more and more and more frequent. Can we really expect an announcement in days?