SEGA has announced a presentation called Sonic Central scheduled for tomorrow night to celebrate 30 years of Sonic the Hedgehog.

The Japanese company intends to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the blue hedgehog with a special video presentation. The appointment is set for May 27th at 18:00 Italian time.

While no information has been released regarding the exact content of this live, we can expect a first glimpse into Sonic's future. Very likely the arrival of remastered or remake of historical titles of the brand, given the desire of SEGA to resume its historical series also thanks to these updating operations. The announcement of a new chapter is desirable, perhaps along the lines drawn by the excellent Sonic Mania.

At Sonic Central we may have some information about the sequel film Sonic 2, with a first trailer maybe? The hypotheses about the presentations are endless, what is certain is SEGA's desire to keep this historic series alive.