Last month, Konami showed for the first time GetsuFumaDen: Undying Moon, the remake of the original 2D roguevania released for the first time on Family Computer in 1987 currently available on Steam (early access) and coming in 2022 su Nintendo Switch and developed in Outsourcing by the indie developer GuruGuru.

And just talking about the practice of Outsourcing, or the outsourcing of the development of a project through collaboration with external companies, during an interview for the site JPGames the producer of the game Shin murato motivated the reasons behind this practice:

“We are continually inspired by the various indie titles and how they manage to produce innovative and exciting experiences. We thought that GetsuFumaDen could be an interesting IP to bring back to life by following this independent approach, thus deciding to contact GuruGuru. They were able to explore new approaches that we think would fit well with this IP. It also helped that, within the GuruGuru team, there were fans of the original GetsuFumaDen. "

At the end of the article, Murato also hinted at Konami's long-term investment in this practice of outsourcing its most famous IPs:

"Talking about other collaborations, we invite you to await the arrival of new projects like this!"