The Evil WithinBethesda has renewed the trademark of The Evil Within, survival horror franchise made by Tango Gameworks by Shinji Mikami.

The rights to the brand of the series, born from the mind of the father of resident evil, they were actually renewed several months ago, to be exact in theAugust of the 2020, with what is usually a routine operation aimed at maintaining control of a previously used brand.

What he did "Straighten the antennas" of fans of the series is that the renewal is preparatory to a "Continued use of the series": inevitably many have thought of one possible continuation of the franchise, currently stopped in the second chapter, or remastered versions of the titles already released.

The fact remains that we will have to wait some time for any news on The Evil Within, since Tango Gameworks is currently working on Ghostwire: Tokyo, due out next fall.