From the very first moments of the quarrel that sees opposites Epic and Apple, it was clear that the consequences of this confrontation would have changed the world of video games forever. What few expected is that the process would also touch the very definition of what a video game is. Epic's line of defense caused a domino effect, which resulted Roblox to remove any reference to the word video game from its site. 

It all begins with the first steps of the process. The lawyers defending Epic immediately affirm, making good use of the testimony of the founder Tim Sweeney, that Fortnite is not a game, but a "Metaverse"; for this reason the app should not respect the rules imposed on video games in the Apple App Store.

This line of defense has led to debates, at times even of dubious usefulness, on the definition of video game. But the strategy doesn't seem to work as expected, and so Epic's lawyers quickly moved on to search unevenness in the treatment that Fortnite receives on the App Store, compared to other applications, such as Roblox.

This MMO in fact allows users to create worlds within themselves, and to earn from their creations. Exist entire studios creating video games using Roblox, in the same way that many others use Unreal Engine or Unity instead. If Apple allows Roblox to handle its own in-game transactions, then there's no reason Fortnite can't do the same. 

Apple's response was swift. Cupertino lawyers have called Roblox an experience, not a video game, and in a few hours reality has adapted to Apple's thesis. All references to the words "Game" and "Player" have disappeared from the Roblox site, replace with “Experience” and “People”. The only legacy of Roblox's past is the URL of the site, which still reads “”. A Roblox spokesperson explained the choice with these words:

“The term experience is consistent with the world in which our terminology has changed, to better reflect the concept of metaverse. Roblox is an online community where people gather in virtual worlds, and in recent years we have begun to refer to worlds as experiences, to better represent the variety of 3D places that users share with their friends. "

This choice reflects the definition of a video game put forward by Trystan Kosmynka, head of Apple's marketing department. According to the manager a video game must have a beginning, an end and a challenge, otherwise it is not. Roblox has decided not to interfere in the matter and to facilitate the work of Apple, according to this definition.