After Electronic Arts' acquisition of Codemasters which took place in February, several fans of the British software house began to fear for its future underneath "The protective wing" of EA, known to most for having closed and absorbed many of the software houses acquired in recent years. He thought about it Andrew Wilson, CEO of Electronic Arts, to calm the waters during an interview for MCV.

According to the EA boss, Codemasters will continue to have its own identity within the videogame panorama:

“As in the case of Respawn Entertainment (Apex Legends, Titanfall), our goal is not to take control of Codemasters, turning it into another Electronic Arts studio; on the contrary, our goal is to offer new opportunities. As we think, and as we have worked with Respawn, we will offer Codemasters access to our cupboard full of IP and technologies, and they will be able to come in and take what they need.

Just like Wilson, also the CEO of Codemasters Frank Sagnier pointed out this operation of exchange of resources between the two companies:

“EA is offering us all of its services, but it is not forcing us to use them if they do not seem suitable for us. And that's why I'm confident about how much EA can give to Codemasters and hopefully vice versa. They listen and we listen too. "

We remind you that the first title belonging to this new collaboration between EA and Codemasters will be F1 2021, the next one coming out July 16 2021 su PlayStationXbox PC Steam.