in 2019 Sony posted a particular patent which illustrates the vision of the Japanese company linked to a particular phenomenon of the world of export: the bets.

Sony esport betting

According to this document, Sony would have devised a system capable of determine a player's odds based on their past performance, whether it's his performance in that single tournament or throughout his e-sports career. And that's not all: Sony would have included, within its algorithm, some particular in-game events such as the range of an explosion caused by a grenade.

All of these features would fall within a platform managed by Sony dedicated exclusively to betting. Obviously, like any patent, we invite you to take this news with the necessary pliers and wait for a possible official announcement. However, it is interesting to note how such a patent emerged at this very moment, with an export landscape that day by day tries to stem, also thanks to the involvement of the federal authorities, the phenomenon of illegal betting and match fixing.