Last year, during the onset of the pandemic, Nintendo released Ring Fit Adventure, Nintendo Switch title that helps users keep moving. The combination of physical activity and monster fights, all mixed in a fast-paced adventure makes it a fun and challenging activity that stimulates and the user to play / train daily. According to a new study, the beneficial nature of the title has also been confirmed even more helps fight the pain of chronic low back pain.

A team of researchers from Chiba University School of Medicine conducted the study in hopes of expanding research on the effects ofexergaming (the combination of exercise and video games) on chronic low back pain. Researchers had speculated that regular activity with Ring Fit Adventure could help with the symptoms of the condition and it seems they were right.

The study noted 40 participants suffering from this pain for a period of eight weeks. 20 randomly selected participants were asked to play Ring Fit Adventure once a week for 40 minutes at a time, and the other twenty patients in the control group were given only oral medication.

Patients' pain and psychological score were measured and analyzed both before the study and at the end and after eight weeks, the patients who had played Ring Fit Adventure reported not only physical improvement but also psychological improvement.

In addition to the reduction, the patient's feeling of pain control also improved. The participants of the control group, meanwhile, did not report any improvement in either pain or psychological. Let's say that constantly repeating that physical training is important for body and mind is never enough. Are you training with Ring Fit Adventure?