In the last few years Koei Tecmo has expanded its stock not only with new titles from its most famous brands (Dead or Alive, Dynasty Warriors to name a few), but has also developed crossover titles under license, adapting various franchises (One Piece, The Legends of Zelda and 5 person) to mechanics of their most profitable kind: the Musou. In a recent interview with the site JP Games, the president of Koei Hisashi Koinuma revealed that among all this well of intellectual property, would find a Musou-style crossover with another historic Nintendo brand intriguing: Super Mario.

In fact, the interviewer's initial question was related to further crossovers with other franchises in general, imagining a Musou chapter of the franchise's Yakuza and offering Koinuma an epochal fist fight through the streets of Tokyo starring Kazuma Kiryu and Goro Majima. Here is his answer:

“If the series also worked as an action game then it would definitely be possible. And although I have no idea at the moment how to make it a reality, I think Mario would be my choice. "

And you? Could you see a Super Mario game that abandons (or reworks) the platform genre, mixing it with the chaotic dynamics of the Musou?