Of all the venues where it could happen, Gabe Newell chose a public school as the site to launch the latest bomb in Valve. What are you cooking?

During a Q&A session, the CEO and absolute master of the PC Master Race has launched some clues about the immediate future of its software house, announcing a possible return of Steam to the console market. No specific announcement, but good Gaben advised the students to "Wait for the end of the year" for more details.

Excluding Bridge Constructor Portal, a game licensed by Valve and released in 2017 on all platforms, the latest Valve titles to reach consoles were The Orange box (2007) and Counterstrike: Global Offensive (2012) for PS3 and Xbox 360. And while in both cases, the console versions are heavily outdated compared to their PC counterparts, Valve's return to the gaming scene. console peasants would represent a renewed interest in a type of hardware that, with the passing of generations, it is moving towards an architecture more and more similar to that of any computer.