In recent years i fan game they have always been a means of expressing one's love for a particular IP. However, many of these projects are closed by the same honored companies, igniting the debate on copyright infringement. In a recent Q&A session, the Social Media Manager of the Sonic the Hedgehog Twitter account Kate Chrzanowski he reassured fans of the blue hedgehog who are intent on developing his next fan games.

As anticipated by Chrzanowski, “SEGA sees no problems in using his blue boi as a means to hone the artistic skills of fans, until these projects are distributed for profit ". At the same time, the Social Media Manager stated that for legal reasons, not all content might suit the company, most likely referring to the hundreds of productions red light dedicated to Sonic, Tails & Knuckles.

Ultimately, if you fall within these guidelines, you can safely vent your artistic vein without any limits. And who knows, maybe your game will get the same treatment as Sonic Mania.