Call of Duty Warzone Pow3rThat competitive multiplayer gaming communities often manage to touch intolerable levels of toxicity is no mystery, but there really seems to be no limit to the ridiculous, as evidenced by it. the story starring the famous Italian streamer of Call of Duty Warzone, Giorgio “Pow3r” Calandrelli.

In fact, he has been the victim, for days now, of a group of cheaters who have decided to persecute him during his games, threatening to continue sniper it (take advantage of a player by spying on his live broadcast) until he has decided to accept their requests: prove that he does not use cheats on Call of Duty Warzone.

The story continued with the publication by Pow3r of a video in which he demonstrates that he can easily win without the aid of tricks, a proof of that though it was not considered sufficient by the group of blackmailers who continued to torment him during his broadcasts, chasing him when he was engaged in solo games and eliminating him thanks to the help of cheat.

In addition to the questionable IQ of the blackmailers, this story with surreal outlines has further highlighted some problems that have gripped Activision's battle royale for some time, namely an extremely toxic community and the exponential quantity of cheater on the loose that plague Call of Duty Warzone relentlessly. Problems that Pow3r himself tried to underline on the sidelines of the story, blaming the US publisher for doing nothing to prevent absurd situations from occurring in one of their video games, like this one that saw him as the protagonist.