Outriders Square Enix Cross-genIt took a few weeks but, after the bug is fixed which caused the disappearance of weapons and equipment from the inventory, the procedure for returning the stolen goods on Outriders also starts: People Can Fly has announced that it has officially started restoration of lost objects because of the nasty bug that had plagued his looter shooter.

“Hello everyone, the restoration of characters and inventory for the characters of Group A has begun. The characters of Group A are those who have encountered a wipe and are currently unable to login (encountering the error "Unable to connect to server") ".

The Polish software house also has illustrated what the restoration will consist of for the characters involved:

  • All items will be restored equipped at the time of the wipe, regardless of rarity
  • Restored all legendary items from your inventory
  • For non-legendaries: 20 items present in the inventory will be restored at the time of the occurrence of the bug, giving priority first to the rarest items and then, possibly, to those of the most recent acquisition
  • All completed commendations will be restored if the final tier of commendations has been reached. It is impossible to restore commendations that have reached intermediate tiers or that were progressing towards reaching one of them

People Can Fly therefore decided to give precedence to those characters who were hit hardest by the bug and they were effectively unable to log into Outriders, forcing players to create another one from scratch.

The development team has specified that, in case the restored characters should have a full inventory, the items to be returned will be kept on the server side until space is made for them and will then be delivered at the next login. Other characters in the account may also receive 20 legendary items previously sold by the player: these will all be provided with maximized stats and users will be free to dispose of them as they see fit.

The work clearly does not end there and People Can Fly has already anticipated that, once this first phase is over, it will move on to the characters of group B, i.e. those who can still log into Outriders but have lost the contents of their inventory due to the infamous bug.