As reported on Twitter by a Microsoft insider, one of the company's first-party studios is working on a video game inspired by the tv series The Mandalorian. 

The series set in the world of Star Wars has been a huge hit on Disney +, and Microsoft would be ready to take advantage of this popularity. The protagonist of the game could be the profession of Bounty Hunter more than the Mandalorian of the TV series.

For a long time all videogame works inspired by Star Wars were exclusive to Electronic Arts. But recently the announcement of a Ubisoft project set in the world invented by Lucas has opened the door to new possibilities.

The rumor reported by Shpeshal Ed in a tweet, is partially confirmed in the collaboration already started between Microsoft and Lucasfilm Games. In fact, an Indiana Jones game would also be in development. In addition, Jason Schreier also confirmed in a tweet that a Star Wars game about bounty hunters may be in development.

During the Defining Duke podcast Last Stand Media also talked about future collaborations between Microsoft and Lucasfilm. Among these was also mentioned a better specified video game based on one of the brand properties recently brought back to life, which might just be the game on The Mandalorian.

In summary, these remain rumors with very weak confirmations. There are fgardens suspected that Microsoft is working on a Star Wars-themed title. It is possible that this game is inspired by The Mandalorian.