Resident Evil Re: Verse, the multiplayer deathmatch title scheduled for release alongside Resident evil village, it has been posticipated. The news came via an email sent to "Resident Evil ambassadors". The title is now slated for summer 2021.

The delay will not affect the launch of Village. This 6v6 multiplayer component has very little to do with Ethan's latest adventure, despite being free to anyone who purchases Village. It is a kind of Deathmatch Allstars in which you can use, for example, Chris and Clare Redfield, Jill Valentine and Ada Wong, along with various other characters.

The news of the postponement follows what are the opinions on the beta released, not exactly exceptional series of betas that have not exactly caused a wave of enthusiasm. It is therefore possible that Capcom wants to take all the time possible to improve it and thus publish a more solid title.